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Transforming the traditional census
towards a more globalized and technological world, Grupo TX deploys technical and human resources to establish smart territories.

Adapting to the changes of an increasingly globalized and technified world, Grupo TX implements and offers the technical and human resources necessary to consolidate smart territories that support their activities in 4.0 technologies.

With a multi-purpose approach, we are capable of carrying out activities involving property surveys, real estate assessments, and water and sewage network surveys, always with the aim of building smart cities.


We integrate our development, applications and experience to solve the client's needs.


Network and user cadastre

  • Networks.

  • Infrastructure.

  • Premises.

  • Users.

Property Cadastre

  • Physical Survey.

  • Economic Survey.

  • Legal Survey.

  • Census Survey.

Document Management

  • Billing.

  • Formats.

  • Documents.

  • Communication.

  • Formalities.

GIS Implementation

  • Licensed  (ARC GIS).

  • Open (Q GIS).

Our experience.


The user survey in the metropolitan area of the National Water and Sewage Institute (IDAAN) covers 64 districts in the Metropolitan Region, Arraiján and La Chorrera Regions, Capira, and coastal areas such as Chame and San Carlos, serving over 700 thousand users and handling an estimated 40 million data points in Panama.

This project serves as a regional example of how productive work in geoinformation is organized, developed, and implemented for the benefit of the population, positioning IDAAN at the forefront nationally as one of the most technologically advanced entities in the public service sector. It has improved various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicators for Panama, particularly Clean Water and Sanitation.

As a result of the contributions of this project to date, over 70 thousand clients have been identified with changes in variables that affect tariff outcomes and thus the entity's billing. Additionally, a total of 100 thousand illegal and potential clients have been identified who were not registered in the Commercial System database.

The technology employed forms the foundation for the successful development of this project, which relies on the following key aspects: Census Survey, User Georeferencing, Cartography, Photographic Records, and Updating of the Entity's Cadastral and Commercial System.

​Other services


Our survey service is based on the application of rigorous methodologies and cutting-edge technology to gather precise and relevant data. We recognize the pivotal role surveys play in obtaining key information about the population and in making informed decisions. Below, we outline the most significant aspects of our service:

Custom survey design

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific goals and interest areas they would like to explore. Our customized surveys are designed to effectively address the key issues, including strategic questions to provide detailed and relevant data.

Quality data collection

Our highly trained team of surveyors is responsible for carrying out the data base collected in a professional and reliable manner. Following the strict protocols to ensure the quality of the data collected and minimize any bias or errors in the process.

Advanced technology

We use the latest tools and technological platforms to carry out our surveys. This allows us to conduct surveys online, over the phone, face-to-face or through other channels. Adapting to the preferences, specific requirements of our clients and the population under study.

Statistical analysis and reporting

Perform stringent statistical analyses using advanced techniques and data analytic tools to identify significant patterns, trends and associations in the data collected. This provides valuable information for data bases decisions.

Surveys are an important source for accurate and reliable data from the population, allowing us to understand their needs, worries and preferences. These data are essential to formulate effective public policies and make knowledgeable decisions.

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