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Transforming cities towards a sustainable future

Grupo TX offers an extensive range of services for Smart Cities, designed to revolutionize and enhance multiple aspects of urban life. These services merge to create a comprehensive ecosystem of technological solutions that facilitate the construction and management of smart cities, thereby improving the quality of life for residents and optimizing the effectiveness of urban operations.


Grupo TX has made a significant achievement by becoming AWS Smart Cities certified.

This recognition confirms Grupo TX's leading technical expertise and proven success in deploying advanced AWS-based solutions to make cities more accessible, livable and sustainable. This certification supports our ability to address strategic challenges, including improving efficiency in public services, enhancing the transport system, optimizing social infrastructure management and strengthening citizen participation.


Working with us, clients have access to a reliable and highly specialized partner backed by AWS, ensuring cutting-edge technology solutions that drive economic growth and improve citizens' quality of life.

Tx always is at the forefront, that's why we became the first to obtain this certification in Latin America.


The cities which have rivers are vulnerable to flooding, we offer a watershed monitoring system with IoT devices and public alerts to mitigate damages:

  • River flood alerts.

  • Forest fire detection alerts.

  • Earthquake and volcano alerts.

Interactive Dashboards

  • With our Dashboards, we are able to analyze and visualize data quickly as well as easily, in order to create predictive analytics.

Response System

  • SMS or phone call notifications.

  • Sirens system.


  • Weather sensors, rain gauges, ultrasonic sensors, high definition cameras, etc.

Smart Building

We are helping turn residential and office properties into smart buildings, making the future more sustainable, efficient and comfortable.

Smart buildings leverage technology to improve the quality life of residents and operational efficiency for businesses.

  • Engine and Pump Monitoring. 

  • Flood Early Warning and Gas Leak Detection.

  • Water monitoring.

  • Waste management.

  • Intelligent Parking solution Management.


IoT Sensors

With extensive experience implementing projects using IoT devices, collecting data in field and analyzing this information for better decision making.


Collected a myriad of important data from the urban landscape, including environment, warning systems, buildings, energy meters, water and other systems.

  • Distribution bands.

  • Water quality sensors.

  • Engine monitoring sensors.

  • Soil humidity sensors.

  • Distribution tapes.

  • Water quality sensors.

  • Engine monitoring sensors.

  • Soil moisture sensors.

Data Platform

With our georeferencing solution ViewScan, we can create virtual maps of the city with cadastral precision and generate layers of information integrated with multiple information systems

  • Updated maps.

  • Georeferenced databases.

  • Integrated with information systems.

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Citizens Services

We assist in the monitoring and improvement of services for the city's citizens, including citizen participation through our public portal and contact centers, improved service delivery through the management of service queues, the one-stop shop and the digitization of services.

  • Citizens' portal.

  • Automated processing system.

  • Contact centers for citizen assistance.

  • Integration and unification of procedures.

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