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We provide innovative solutions to serve our community

We work closely with local governments and state institutions to modernize administrative processes, increase revenue, and enhance the quality of life for citizens.

Our Methodology

  • Identification of the requirements 

  • Definition of objectives and scope of the diagnosis.

  • Information gathering.

  • Data analysis.

  • exploration of areas of opportunity

  • Diagnostic report.

  • Action plan development.

  • Deployment and monitoring

  • Results assessment.

Tax management

We focus on providing technological solutions that make administrative management more efficient and result in increased institutional revenue. Since 1984, we have been providing technological services to Federal, State, Municipal Governments, and Autonomous Institutes.

Our company provides a complete portfolio of products and services aimed at addressing every need, supported by highly qualified personnel and cutting-edge technology to offer the best solution to the client, providing technological tools to modernize administrative processes and increase institutional revenue collection

Operational Consulting

We offer specialized services in process optimization and tax collection. Our approach is based on strategic advice and practical solutions to enhance the tax capabilities of institutions and achieve positive results in revenue collection. We have a highly trained and experienced team that adapts to the specific needs of each client. We work closely to design customized and effective solutions.

Our services

Tax systems analysis and evaluation

We conduct a detailed analysis of existing tax systems, identifying areas for improvement and proposing recommendations to optimize revenue collection procedures and control tax evasion

Tax collection strategies

We design personalized strategies for tax collection, facilitating compliance with tax obligations, detecting potential tax evasion, and promoting a culture of tax payment

Training and coaching

We provide training to officials responsible for tax management, strengthening their skills in key areas such as tax legislation, auditing techniques, and the use of technological tools

Monitoring and evaluation

We establish tracking and evaluation systems to measure the effectiveness of implemented measures and make necessary adjustments

Collection Management

Debt collection management is not just about recovering debts but also about maintaining a positive relationship with debtors and promoting voluntary compliance. We implement a structured and effective process where you can optimize payment recovery, reduce delinquency, and strengthen the financial health of the government

Technological deployment

We provide guidance on the selection and implementation of advanced technological solutions, such as integrated systems, collection software, and data analysis tools

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