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Optimizing public services for sustainable cities

We create solutions designed to optimize the operations of Public Services. Our operational experience in water and sanitation management has led us to develop innovative solutions to enhance revenue, operation, and processes within urban systems.

Water Management

Water Management involves a comprehensive set of services aimed at ensuring resources for improved water service, along with proper management of operational processes and addressing user needs, thereby contributing to more effective and sustainable urban management.



Improvement in communication and relationship with customers through our omnichannel contact center, distribution of physical and digital invoices, as well as subscription to digital invoices, providing convenience and efficiency for users

Effective management of services through voluntary discontinuations and reinstatements, as well as cuts and reconnections of the water service according to the needs of users.


Optimization of revenue collection through an efficient billing management system, which in turn ensures the financial sustainability of the services

Development and delivery of process manuals, methodologies,  terms glossaries, and proposals for reorganizing routes for greater efficiency, ensuring efficient operational management tailored to the needs of communities."


Effective promotion of services through the creation of content and recurring delivery of information for service improvement and damage repair.

Ongoing staff training to ensure quality service delivery and efficient problem solving.



  • Meter Reading

  • Physical Invoice Distribution

  • Digital Invoice Distribution

  • Subscription of costumers to  Digital Invoice 

  • Water meter Installation for New Supplies

  • Voluntary Discontinuances and Reinstatements

  • Collection management

  • Consulting and Management System

  • Water Service Shut-off and Reconnections

  • Water and Sewer Users Housing Cadastre


We have a team of experts responsible for managing safe access to red zones and hard-to-reach areas, allowing the rest of the personnel to carry out tasks at all points.

Other services

  • Development of Process Manuals.

  • Development of Methodology.

  • Development of Glossary of Terms.

  • Proposal for Reorganization of Routes for greater efficiency.

  • Recurring handoff of information for service improvement and support

Successful case

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Waste Management

It is the comprehensive and technologically advanced management of urban cleaning services and waste management. This includes garbage collection, payment reminders for cleaning services, handling citizen inquiries and complaints, as well as optimizing collection routes and vehicle fleets.

Why is having good waste management important?

  • Institutional transparency 

  • Cleaner and healthier cities

  • Quality life for all citizens

  • Education and awareness

  • Enables effective user communication

  • Quick response to environmental incidents

  • Greater efficiency and reduced environment impact

  • Environmental sustainability



Integration of installed information systems with other government agencies.

Payment Convenience

Facilitating the payment of the waste collection fee by integrating with the banking system and other collection entities to streamline the process for customers and improve the money collection system

Invoices distribution

Timely distribution of digital and physical invoices to customers and management of digital customer records

Citizen Communication

Advertising and Public communication campaigns aimed at raising awareness and changing culture and perception.


Evaluating the collection system, routes, and location of bins for garbage disposal. Processing citations to apply corresponding sanctions if necessary. Ensuring proper disposal of garbage by commercial and residential buildings


Consulting, assistance and support for the proper execution of notification and revenue collection activities, whether through extrajudicial or judicial means if necessary

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