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A Glance at Our Innovative Solutions for Digital Transformation

Highlighting Grupo Tx Solutions

In a world of constant technological evolution, organizations and government entities face the challenge of quickly adapting to changing digital demands. In this scenario, Grupo Tx emerges as a leader in the field of digital transformation, offering innovative solutions that drive efficiency, effectiveness and connectivity in various areas of operation.

ViewScan: A New Approach to City Viewing and Scanning

One of the jewels in Grupo Tx's crown is ViewScan, a Visual Integration System that incorporates georeferenced 360° spherical images. This revolutionary solution allows real-time interconnection with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and transactional systems, which facilitates the consultation and association of information to assets and structural elements.

ViewScan not only simplifies urban asset management, but also boosts tax revenue by providing an enriched and detailed view of properties. Additionally, its ability to calculate measurements, carry out asset inventories and censuses, and provide historical information makes it a versatile and essential tool for urban planning and resource management.

ARI Suite: Simplified Process Management and Data Integration

ARI Suite, another integral component of Grupo Tx's solutions portfolio, excels as a process manager and data integrator. This suite of integrated web systems has a decade of functional experience in the market and offers exceptional flexibility to design customized solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each client.

ARI Suite is a solution aimed at process and resource management that allows organizations to apply analysis techniques to identify optimization opportunities and improve the effectiveness of their processes. Its modular, parameterizable and scalable design makes it a powerful tool for managing the complexity of government operations.

Contact Center: Omnichannel Connectivity for Effective Communication

Omnichannel connectivity is essential in today's digital world, and Grupo Tx understands this well through its Contact Center solution. This platform allows effective communication with citizens and customers through multiple channels, such as telephone, chat, email and social networks.

By providing faster and easier access to the services and information they need, Grupo Tx's Contact Center improves the user experience and strengthens the relationship between organizations and their audiences.

Data Lake - Agile Data Storage and Analysis

Grupo Tx's Data Lake is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes the way organizations manage and leverage their data. Some of the highlights of Data Lake include:

Data Versatility: Data Lake allows you to work with any type of data at any speed, making it easy to incorporate diverse and constantly changing information.

Rapid Business Value: Empower organizational leaders with the data needed to make strategic decisions and create value more efficiently.

Intelligent Cataloging and Management: Offers advanced data management that tracks its origin, identifies formats, and simplifies cataloging for fast, secure access.

Process Automation: Simplify data transformations and loading processes with automatic code generation.

Early Warning System (SAT) - Risk Preparation and Prevention

Grupo Tx's SAT is a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to anticipate natural risks and critical events. Its key features include:

Cost-Quality Relationship: SAT offers an optimal relationship between costs and quality with easily accessible equipment and safety certification.

Secure Communication: Utilizes wireless radio communication with optional redundancy to ensure security of alerts.

Predictive Analytics: Enables early detection of threats and risks for effective preparation.

Disaster Recovery Services - Operational Continuity and Data Protection.

Grupo Tx's Disaster Recovery Services solutions are designed to guarantee operational continuity and protect data in risk situations, such as cyber attacks. Its main functionalities are:

Identification and Protection: Identify critical areas and apply protective controls to minimize risks.

Rapid Detection: Detect cyber attacks as quickly as possible for immediate response.

Effective Response: Develop appropriate response activities to limit the impact of cybersecurity incidents.

Efficient Recovery: Enables rapid recovery of services and capabilities affected by attacks.

GIS in the Cloud: Transforming Data into Actionable Information

Last but not least, Grupo Tx offers cloud GIS solutions that unlock the power of geospatial data. These solutions enable organizations to efficiently manage, analyze and visualize geographic data, driving informed decision making.

Geolocation becomes a strategic tool for territorial planning, asset management and decision making in a variety of sectors, from health to infrastructure.

Grupo Tx stands out as a leader in digital transformation by offering comprehensive solutions that address the critical needs of organizations in the digital era. Our tools are helping organizations move towards a more efficient, connected and informed future, leading the way in innovation.

¡Grupo Tx is your reliable partner!

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